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Handmade knives and folding knives, manufacturer since 1950
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Manufacturas Muela maker of Knives and artisan folding knives, shows inside the family of Hunting and sports knives, the Finish Off "Remate" knives CORVASÍ-C.TH, 30th ANNIVERSARY, Limited edition. Sheath made by the artisan workshop "Quercur Leathercraft".

It has been more than a quarter of a century since Manufacturas Muela added to its catalogue a series of knives created in tribute to Antonio Covarsí, a famous hunter who also depicted hunting in several books that have been read, for learning and enjoyment, by generations of hunters, who, like him, love hunting and Nature.

He is known to have been a cultivated and elegant man, but with a vigorous disposition and strong character, who was also very interested in music and painting. He was acquainted with the King of Portugal and hunted in several estates in that country with the Portuguese king, as well as in numerous estates in Extremadura, joining his name to an emblematic area, for which he was known as the “montero de Alpotreque” or Hunter of Alpotreque.

He opened the first armoury in Badajoz, from which originated rifles with his name, and his hunts “in Ronda” were famous. They were carried out during the night, on horseback, with the aid of his beloved pack of hounds to catch the boar and with his triangular-bladed and double-edged knife as his sole arm to finish them off. He was often even injured by the tusks of boar while trying to avoid his dogs getting injured.

And precisely the “Muela Covarsí” knives are based on this on this design, well-appreciated by hunters, the same design that in this limited edition reinforces its appeal and importance with finishes and details in which craftsmanship and luxury are even more evident. A collector’s piece, which at the same time can be used perfectly as a finishing off knife in Montería hunting.


Handle 130 MM (5"). 
Blade 260 MM (10").
Weight  650 GR.

Finish Off Finish Off Finish Off