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Manufacturas Muela maker of Knives and artisan folding knives, shows inside the family of Hunting and sports knives, the Finish Off "Remate" knives PODENQUERO-TH, 25th ANNIVERSARY, Limited edition. Unique series of 250 numbered pieces. Sheath made by the artisan workshop "Quercur Leathercraft".

Among the hundreds of models created by Manufacturas Muela during its over 60 years of history, several models are outstanding for having become emblematic pieces.

Hunting knives have a very special place in our production, the “remate” or finish off knives being the most highly appreciated and distinctive. They are designed for finishing off big game animals, when the hunter must dispense with the firearm, due to the risk of injuring the dogs that put their life at risk when holding deer and boar.

And most of the dogs that intervene in this episode are hounds, originating in ancient Egypt, which have been bred into different varieties, according to what they are used for in the hunt.

Dogs are essential in the “Spanish Montería”, but also their trainer and handler is also crucial, the “podenquero” or hound handler, who knows how to beat the mountain to obtain game, and who Muela now renders tribute to with a luxury model commemorating the 25th anniversary of the first Podenquero knife in our catalogue.

An extraordinary piece for its design, manufacturing and toughness, the quality of which is even more evident in this exclusive edition, limited to 250 numbered knives, and its luxury details, full of know-how and authentic craftsmanship. 


Handle 130 MM (5"). 
Blade 260 MM (10").
Weight  650 GR.

New finish Off New finish Off New finish Off